Univision / Gizmodo / Fusion Media relaunches Fusion.net on new SplinterNews.com domain

Fusion.net, a low-traffic site originally designed to supplement “millennial” cable TV network Fusion TV, has relaunched.

The site has stumbled through a strange serious of rebrands over the past few months, seemingly unable to find a new home until now. With Univision’s acquisition of Gawker Media Group, now called Gizmodo Media Group, Fusion moved to the Kinja CMS, making it look like a Gawker 2.0 of sorts. However assumed internal pressures from Fusion TV meant the news site was moved off the Fusion.net domain name and onto the low-rent fusion.kinja.com subdomain.

As if this internal splinter wasn’t obvious enough, Fusion on Kinja, formerly known as Fusion.net, has today been relaunched as Splinter. Yet domain name struggles have persevered.

Seemingly unable to secure the domain name Splinter.com, which currently is hovering at a starting price of around $6000 on GoDaddy’s auction site, Splinter will, for now at least, live on SplinterNews.com. Univision has apparently learnt the lesson from its Fusion.net domain name that putting big bucks into a domain name just isn’t worth it. Yet it makes me wonder if the site will eventually move to Splinter.com if it meets some dumb internal metric which justifies the purchase of the superior Splinter.com domain.

If this post has left you confused, rest assured that you’re not alone. Univision’s Fusion Media Group, which in other instances is referred to as Gizmodo Media Group, now might as well be renamed too. Splinter Media Group perhaps? Fusion on Kinja Media Group?

The saddest thing of all is the fact that Fusion.net / Fusion on Kinja / Splinter / Splinter_news / Gawker 2.0 has actually been publishing some solid stuff as of recent, though Univision’s indecision around what to call the site sounds like it’ll probably continue. I look forward to the site rebranding as Splinter.net in late 2019, or if I play my cards right, Gloss.xyz (after I sell them this domain for a few bucks).